Language Proficiency Testing and Assessment

DLNSEO provides oversight and guidance on language testing policy for Defense programs in order to build and maintain a cadre of language proficient civilian and military personnel capable of responding to the Department's language needs.

DLNSEO is the lead office for Department of Defense Instruction 5160.71 DoD Language Testing Program, which details the responsibilities for all aspects of the Defense Language Testing Program, including both foreign language and English language proficiency testing. DoD Language Testing Program guidance requires the use of the Interagency Language Roundtable Skill Level Descriptors to assess individual proficiency in a foreign language.

DLNSEO supports the development of Defense Language Proficiency Tests the English Comprehension Level test, and other testing instruments, and, with the assistance of the Defense Language Testing Advisory Panel (DELTAP), provides expert guidance and consultation on these testing instruments. The renowned experts in language testing and psychometrics who make up the Panel provide recommendations to DLNSEO regarding the testing programs at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and the Defense Language Institute English Language Center.

In addition, DLNSEO ensures the efficient and secure online delivery of Defense Language Program tests through the support of the Defense Personnel Analytics Center web-based test delivery system, and through a contract vehicle that monitors the security of the web-based test delivery system.

Other projects supported by DLNSEO include language proficiency test development for the Service academies, research into language proficiency requirements for International Military Students, and Interagency Language Roundtable-based English language proficiency test development.