The strategic vision of the DLNSEO Culture Section is to provide the necessary direction to enable the Department of Defense (DoD) to be adept at interacting across any culture while operating within joint, Interagency, coalition and multinational contexts.  In order to achieve this, our goals include:

  • Developing policies to support culture readiness across the Department

  • Advancing culture education and training in the Total Force

  • Promoting collaboration and partnership to create efficiencies

  • Supporting development of cultural competency in the Federal workforce

The Culture Section supports culture readiness throughout the DoD by providing information to better assess operational needs and policy development.  In accordance with the Strategic Plan for Total Force Readiness, the DLNSEO Culture Section ensures that the DoD continues to identify efficiencies to share resources, technology solutions, and reduced overhead.

The DLNSEO Culture Section is focused on making learning about and interacting across any culture a priority for the Total Force.

Culture encompasses the way of life, arts, beliefs, values, and traditions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. Cultural learning and awareness are lifelong endeavors. 


The DLNSEO culture website,, is able to foster a virtual community of people with interest or need for culture education, training, and readiness.  The website allows users to access training materials from across the Total Force as well as providing awareness of any issues affecting the culture community.  CultureReady’s resources and training can help you explore, expand your knowledge about and meaningfully engage with the cultures of the world.

CultureReady Basics

CultureReady Basics is a web-based culture training tool developed to provide culture learning of the culture competencies reflected in the DoD policy as well as present tips and strategies for interacting effectively across cultures. The interactive tool uses global scenarios, based on the actual experiences of people who worked, studied, or deployed to other countries.

CultureReady Basics is available in a number of languages, making use of country specific examples to help explain and provide real world applications for the cultural competencies. The language modules features a robust language assist function for learners working to strengthen proficiency levels.

Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT)

The purpose of the VCAT courses are to provide cultural awareness and language training using gaming technologies along with other innovative methods.

These are web-based courses on JKO that delivers one customized course of instruction which is based on the specific area of deployment and the specific area of interest selected by the learner. Learners are tested on their level of knowledge and must pass with a score of 100% in order to graduate and receive their certificate of completion.