Readiness Reporting

DLNSEO tracks language, regional expertise, and culture readiness data for the Department. Understanding the state of readiness is a key step in building sufficient capacity and forecasting future requirements.

Capabilities-Based Review (CBR)

The CBR is a biennial review of national-level policy, strategy, guidance and intelligence assessments to inform the Department on foreign language requirements 10 to 15 years into the future.  This review generates the Prioritized Country and Prioritized Language Lists from which the Department of Defense Strategic Language List is derived.

Strategic Language List (SLL)

The SLL provides the required 10-to-15-year strategic outlook to inform the Department’s foreign language planning and resourcing for training, testing, incentivizing, recruiting, and manning the force with language capabilities that present the greatest utility toward achieving U.S. national security interests. 

To view the SLL, click here.

Department of Defense Language Trigraph List

The language trigraph list shows the data values used in the Department’s personnel data reporting system.  Each language is assigned a three-character trigraph.  The list is not an exhaustive list of all languages and dialects.  Instead, it reflects languages in which the Department has reason to record information.  The list is formalized in the Common Human Resource Information Standard (CHRIS) System.

To see the DoD Language Trigraph List, click here.