Foreign Area Officers are particularly challenged to maintain hard-won foreign language proficiency and regional skills.  Language skills degrade quickly unless used frequently, and regional political-military situations can change overnight.  DLNSEO supports two skill sustainment pilot programs:

Language Skill Sustainment

This pilot is for experienced FAOs who are on station or have completed a FAO tour of duty.  The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps are participating in this pilot which extends through fiscal year 2015.  The Services nominate personnel to participate in courses of overseas or domestic schooling or language immersion programs.  The pilot does not provide initial qualification language training.  After 2015 when this pilot ends, the Services will assume responsibility for language skill sustainment.

Regional Skill Sustainment

This pilot is for experienced FAOs (O5 to O6 rank).  Courses are developed and delivered by the Naval Postgraduate School and take place in theater or in Washington, DC.  It is designed for FAOs who have completed an overseas assignment or are preparing to return overseas on assignment.  It is not designed for the newly accessed FAO trainee.  The pilot program ends in fiscal year 2015.  It will transition to a Language Training Center supported format beginning in 2016.